Special Memories

Did you have a destination wedding or pour unity sand during your ceremony? What a perfect wedding or anniversary gift. By encasing sand in a Memorial Bead, we can preserve your special memories.

Have you been on an amazing beach vacation that you never want to forget? With a shell or pebble, we can create Memorial Beads by capturing the fun memories of your travels.

Whether it’s a chip from the street you grew up on or sand from the family cabin, we can use almost anything for your Memorial Bead. The ideas are endless.


“My Memorial Bead contains actual street fragments of Route 66. I have driven the "Mother Road" several times and it reminds me of the many enjoyable road trips I have taken.” ~ Paul

“I grew up in Scotland. On my last trip, i brought home a small stone from the foundation of my house. When I show off my Memorial Bead, I say it's a slice of my childhood preserved forever.” ~ Marie