My Process

After receiving the cremains (Memorial ash) from you via a simple collection kit, I begin by spinning a thin rod of glass over a 1200 degree flame until a molten ball forms on the end of the rod. Then, it its taffy like state, I wrap the glass around a stainless steel mandrel that looks much like a knitting needle.

The Ash is applied at the beginning stages of the process, then various colors or clear glass are applied, acting as the encasement.

The beads can be made so the cremains are clearly seen, or hidden within so only you know they are there. Every bead is unique; no two are alike. All of my beads are annealed in a special kiln after production to remove any stress and fragility. The beads are then embellished and transformed into beautiful pendants or clip-on style keepsakes.

I believe that cremation ash is a sacred substance and is handled with the utmost respect. All remaining ash is returned with the finished product.