Losing your companion may leave you feeling lonesome.
Having a Memorial Bead containing the cremains of your pet will help you through the grieving. If years have passed since your loss, you may wish to bring back the joy you shared. The memories and unconditional love will be wrapped within your unique keepsake.

Wearing or touching your Memorial Bead will help bring to mind the joy, companionship and all the fun times you shared together. At Balbo Beadworks, we will create a keepsake for you to cherish, helping you remember your special companion.


“My dear Golden Retriever Chia loved to stick her head out of the window while riding with me in the car. I hang my Memorial Bead from my rear view mirror where it twinkles in the sun reminding me of her companionship” ~ Tony

“When I wear my necklace I am automatically cheered up. My parrot, Clyde, was my buddy for 20 years and I miss him terribly. I am impressed with how well you matched the colors of the glass to the colors of his feathers.” ~ Nancy