Loved Ones

Nothing compares to wearing a Memorial Bead containing your loved one's cremation ash. The energy near your heart emanates with an aura of comfort. When wearing, displaying and touching the bead, one can feel the presence that accompanies it: a sense of presence and companionship.

Knowing this energy is there, one may feel more confident, more joyful, even protected. When not wearing it, it seems as though something is missing.

Whether your loved one was a parent, family member, spouse, or friend, your Memorial Bead becomes the means through which you carry them with you every day.


“I am so thankful for the wonderful bead pendants you made for my sister and me. It has to be the most thoughtful and unique gift I have ever received. To know my parents are with me in some small way brings me great comfort. I will always treasure wearing it.” ~ Anne

“I was surprised by the comfortable feeling that came over me when I started wearing the pendant you made to honor my dad. There is something so special about wearing and especially handling the bead. ” ~ Michael

“The energy I feel from my bead near my heart gives me a calm feeling. Everyone comments on the beautiful color combination. I love knowing my sister is with me.” ~ Diane

“When I heard about your bead idea, I was delighted to have something made. It makes me smile knowing she's with me throughout the day. I love my bead.” ~ Louise