Zina's Story

I have been in love with beads—making, wearing and sharing them—since seventh grade.

Experimentation with creating my own glass beads began over seven years ago and skyrocketed when I discovered Memorial Beads.

The idea of creating beads that incorporate ashes of a loved one came to me quite by surprise. My co-worker Brenda asked if I could somehow combine her recently deceased dog Penny's cremation ash with the glass I use to make beads.

My thoughts churned in anticipation, as I had never even seen cremation ash, much less handled it. I began to experiment with various techniques and color combinations until I was satisfied with the results, which to my delight, were amazingly beautiful. At that point there was no stopping me!

When I presented Brenda with my gift, she welled up with tears of joy. Ultimately, Brenda's request was a gift to me.

I recently had the honor of presenting each member of my family with their own personal Memorial Bead containing the cremation ashes of my dad, Vincent Emanuele. Sharing such a meaningful keepsake was the impetus behind the idea of offering my unique Memorial Bead creations to you.